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We are building a vibrant community of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working to support caregivers and children together.


What is 2Gen?

The two-generation (2Gen) approach focuses on addressing the needs of vulnerable children and their parents together.


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Our Work

Cornell Project 2Gen works to unite the traditionally separate worlds of research, policy, and practice to further our mission to support healthy families using a two-generation approach.



We support faculty seeking to use a 2Gen research approach that both benefits their own academic work and informs policy and practice. We help faculty connect with community partners and provide outlets for sharing research with policymakers and practitioners.


We connect Cornell faculty and students with New York policymakers, creating avenues for sharing research both locally and nationally. We are developing new strategic partners with community, state, and national organizations and government agencies to support parents and children simultaneously.


We work to strengthen and develop synergistic relationships between Cornell faculty and students, community organizations, and Cornell Cooperative Extension educators. We work with existing programs interested in introducing or enhancing a two-generation approach.

Student Training

Cornell Project 2Gen Scholars are undergraduate and graduate students who work closely with researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. The projects provide opportunities for students to develop skills in the design, implementation, and evaluation of 2Gen approaches.


October 2017

What is 2Gen Human Capital programming? ...It's very much an intentionality to link child and parent programs in the same family at the same time, and it's resonating now in the United States.

Lindsay Chase Lansdale, Ph.D., Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University,
speaking at the Cornell Project 2Gen Inaugural Event

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