Our Mission

to build a vibrant community of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working to support parents and children throughout New York state and beyond.


Cornell Project 2Gen works to:   

Build a vibrant research community of scholars using the two-generation approach.

  • We seek to better understand how services and policies affect the entire family system. Our research focuses on family dynamics and the broader contexts in which families develop, such as the educational and employment systems, the social environment, and policy and practice.  
  • We support faculty seeking to utilize a 2Gen research approach that may not only benefit their own academic work, but also inform policy and practice. We facilitate faculty connections with relevant community partners and provide outlets for sharing research with policymakers and practitioners both locally and nationally.   

Connect researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working on various aspects of two-generation research throughout New York and beyond.  

  • We strengthen and develop synergistic relationships between Cornell faculty and students, policymakers, community organizations and Cornell Cooperative Extension educators. These relationships can lead to new partnerships and innovations in research, service provision, and policy making.  We are developing new strategic partners with community, state and national organizations and government agencies to support parents and children simultaneously.
  • We work with existing programs interested in incorporating a two-generation approach by sharing evidence-based research and connecting them with faculty whose expertise supports this work.  For example, projects focused on programs for children can broaden by adding interventions or support for parents.  Programs or policies targeted to adults could consider intergenerational consequences for children.  

Involve Cornell students in 2Gen translational research and practice.

  • Through this work, both undergraduate and graduate students gain on-the-ground insights about and support the needs and opportunities for family-based programming and research.   
  • We partner with the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs to connect graduate students and the community, and develop new partnerships that connect research, policy and practice in the area of family well-being. 
  • We engage undergraduates in helping to conduct research and develop programming with public service and nonprofit organizations.
2Gen Scholar Julia Greenberg (left) at State Capitol with 2Gen faculty researchers.

2Gen Scholar Julia Greenberg (left) at State Capitol with 2Gen faculty researchers.


Project 2Gen unites


"Project 2Gen is going to be a hub for innovative work that brings together research, practitioners, and policy makers developing and carrying out work in this area, testing new approaches, evaluating their effectiveness, and implementing them locally and throughout the state."

— Rachel Dunifon, Cornell Project 2Gen co-director