Laura Tach

Laura Tach is Project 2Gen co-director and a sociologist who studies poverty and family life. Her research examines the effects of economic inequality for families and communities and how public policy can disrupt the transmission of inequality across generations.


Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is a Project 2Gen postdoctoral fellow with training in human development and family studies and expertise in the use of research by policymakers.


Rachel Dunifon

Rachel Dunifon is Project 2Gen co-director and a human development and social policy expert who researches child and family policy with a focus on factors influencing the development of less-advantaged children. 


Erin Mathios

Erin Mathios is a Project 2Gen program assistant with a background in human development and health policy. Her research interests include the impact of family, health, and education policy on families and children, with a particular focus on the opioid epidemic.


Kimberly Kopko

Kimberly Kopko is Project 2Gen parenting and extension liaison and a developmental psychologist who studies parenting and family processes.  Her research and outreach efforts focus on parenting in various contexts and the use of research and evidence-based parenting programs to strengthen families.  


2017-2018 Faculty Research Fellows

For more information on specific research projects, see our Research page.


Marianella Casasola, Human Development

Creating Family Learning Partnerships to Promote Early Learning

More about Marianella Casasola



Maria Fitzpatrick, Policy Analysis & Management

The Opioid Epidemic and Child Maltreatment: Two Generations at Risk

More about Maria Fitzpatrick


Matthew Hall, Policy Analysis & Management

Left Behind: Deportations, Child Welfare, and Foster Care Placements

More about Matthew Hall


Anna Haskins, Sociology

School Engagement & Avoidance among Criminal Justice-Involved Families with School-Aged Children

More about Anna Haskins


John Sipple, Development Sociology

Capacity for Two-Generation Care in Rural Communities: Implications of Educational Policy and Community Characteristics on Head Start Program Trends

More about John Sipple


Maureen Waller
Policy Analysis & Management

Child Support Debt and Father-Child Relationships

More about Maureen Waller


2019 Cornell 2Gen Scholars


Elgin Ford, Jr.

Elgin Ford, Jr. is a second-year masters student in the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs, focusing on government, politics, and policy. This past summer he worked for Toyota Motor Corporation in Washington, D.C. where he developed strategies to address policies impacting the regulation of the auto industry, cyber-security, artificial intelligence and robotics. He received his bachelors in Political Science and Economics from Drexel University.


Will Gusick

Will Gusick is a senior in the ILR school minoring in film. He is passionate about social justice, especially concerning the justice system and inequality. 


Claudia Heeyeon Ro

Claudia Heeyeon Ro is a second-year masters student at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs with a concentration in human rights and social justice. Her personal and professional interest lies in humanitarian aid, emergency response and child protection. Her previous work experiences are focused on vulnerable children and the forcibly displaced population through project coordination, policy advising and strategic consulting. 


Rose Ippolito

Rose Ippolito is a junior majoring in global and public health, with intended minors in inequality studies and health policy. She is interested in both health research and policy, especially as tools to address health and social disparities. 


Cameron Jessop

Cameron Jessop is a senior studying policy analysis and management with minors in demography and inequality studies. He is interested in learning how to effectively address sources of inequality in educational and economic opportunities. 


Anna Lifsec

Anna Lifsec is a College Scholar studying the intersection of education and incarceration in the United States with minors in spanish and law and society. She is interested in the intergenerational effects of mass incarceration and would like to learn how to translate research into tangible reform in this field. 


Jon Link

Jon Link is a senior in the College of Industrial and Labor Relations with minors in law & society; inequality studies; and crime, prison, education and justice. He is concerned with social justice, particularly in the prison system, and plans on attending law school in order to continue fighting for prison reform. 


Halle Mahoney

Halle Mahoney is a second-year graduate student at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, with a concentration in government, politics, and policy. She is interested in learning how to bridge research and policy, particularly in the social policy areas of education and criminal justice reform. 


Ashelyn Pindell

Ashelyn Pindell is a second-year fellow at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA) where she is concentrating in human rights and social justice.  Her focus is in child rights and child welfare, especially as it pertains to children without parental guardianship


Cindy Rodriguez

Cindy Rodriguez is a second-year graduate student in the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs, focusing in social policy.  Her background in higher education and human resources has inspired her to research and develop policy solutions that cut through sectors and maintain the critical element of civic engagement. 

2018 Cornell 2Gen Scholars


Basirat Owe

Frances Robinson

Nora Smithhisler

Pearlanna Zapotocky

Emily Bramhall

Jenny Chan

Julia Greenberg

Amy Kim