Laura Tach

Laura Tach is Project 2Gen co-director and a sociologist who studies poverty and family life. Her research examines the effects of economic inequality for families and communities and how public policy can disrupt the transmission of inequality across generations.


Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is the Project 2Gen Assistant Director for Policy Engagement with training in human development and family studies and expertise in the use of research by policymakers.


Rachel Dunifon

Rachel Dunifon is Project 2Gen co-director and a human development and social policy expert who researches child and family policy with a focus on factors influencing the development of less-advantaged children. 


Mary Beth Morrissey

Mary Beth Morrissey is a Sociology PhD student and Project 2Gen Graduate Research Assistant with interests in gender, emotion, inequality, family, and qualitative methods. 


Kimberly Kopko

Kimberly Kopko is Project 2Gen parenting and extension liaison and a developmental psychologist who studies parenting and family processes.  Her research and outreach efforts focus on parenting in various contexts and the use of research- and evidence-based parenting programs to strengthen families.


Francesca Vescia

Francesca Vescia is a Project 2Gen program assistant with a background in sociology and data science. Her research interests include family, health, inequality, and their many intersections.


2017-2018 Faculty Research Fellows

For more information on specific research projects, see our Research page.


Marianella Casasola, Human Development

Creating Family Learning Partnerships to Promote Early Learning

More about Marianella Casasola



Maria Fitzpatrick, Policy Analysis & Management

The Opioid Epidemic and Child Maltreatment: Two Generations at Risk

More about Maria Fitzpatrick


Matthew Hall, Policy Analysis & Management

Left Behind: Deportations, Child Welfare, and Foster Care Placements

More about Matthew Hall


Anna Haskins, Sociology

School Engagement & Avoidance among Criminal Justice-Involved Families with School-Aged Children

More about Anna Haskins


John Sipple, Development Sociology

Capacity for Two-Generation Care in Rural Communities: Implications of Educational Policy and Community Characteristics on Head Start Program Trends

More about John Sipple


Maureen Waller
Policy Analysis & Management

Child Support Debt and Father-Child Relationships

More about Maureen Waller


Fall 2019 Cornell 2Gen Scholars


Rohit Agrawal

Rohit Agrawal is a first-year studying Healthcare Policy. Previously, he worked with at-risk youth through and internship with his local foster care network. His work interviewing foster children and using their stories to organize outreach efforts to find youth in need of mental health and rehabilitation resources was recognized by the New Jersey Senate. He looks forward to expanding his knowledge of how to better improve the living conditions of families in New York State.


Youssef Aziz

Youssef Aziz is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a major in Sociology and a minor in Inequality Studies (Health Equity track). In addition to being a 2Gen Scholar, Youssef does research under Professor Kim Weeden in the Sociology department to study the racial disparity in top Ph.D. graduate schools and their effects on later income earnings. Over the summer, Youssef co-founded a non-profit to host free admission workshops at the Los Angeles Church Diocese to help navigate lost immigrant parents around the college admission process. Most of Youssef's work and involvement on and off campus lies around educational inequality and attempting to level the playing field for disadvantaged minorities who have been deprived of those opportunities.


Adelina Branescu

Adelina Branescu is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Information Science and Sociology. She hopes to attend law school after finishing her undergraduate degree. In her free time, she likes cooking, writing, and hiking!


Rose Ippolito

Rose Ippolito is a Senior majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences with minors in inequality studies and health policy. She is interested in how research, policy, and community programming can work together to improve public health, particularly to reduce health and social disparities.


Manavii Kumar

Manavii Kumar is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Biology and Society. Her interdisciplinary classes and her involvement with on-campus service-learning organizations have inspired her to think critically about how our institutions, infrastructure, and policies perpetuate systems of oppression and inequality and how these translate into the context of community health. She hopes to use community-engaged research to better understand and address health and social disparities.


Muyang Li

Muyang Li is a senior majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society. She is interested in improving human capital through health and education to narrow the gap in inequality and help individuals achieve their potential and well-being. She hopes to start on individual levels and incorporate these insights to work on larger programs.


Rachel Milone

Rachel Milone is a sophomore studying human biology, health, and society with an anticipated minor in health care policy. She is interested in many aspects of health including public health, community health, and nutrition. Upon graduation she plans on attending medical school. 


Pearlanna Zapotocky

Pearlanna Zapotocky is a junior studying Global and Public Health Sciences with minors in Health Policy and Inequality Studies. She is interested in bringing research-based practices to community organizations and implementing policies that combat adverse childhood experiences.


Past 2Gen Scholars


Spring 2019

Anna Lifsec

Jon Link

Halle Mahoney

Ashelyn Pindell

Cindy Rodriguez

Elgin Ford, Jr.

Will Gusick

Claudia Heeyeon Ro

Rose Ippolito

Cameron Jessop


Spring 2018

Basirat Owe

Frances Robinson

Nora Smithhisler

Pearlanna Zapotocky

Emily Bramhall

Jenny Chan

Julia Greenberg

Amy Kim