Cornell Project 2Gen works to strengthen and develop synergistic relationships between Cornell faculty and students, community organizations, and Cornell Cooperative Extension educators. We work with existing programs interested in incorporating a two-generation approach, or enhancing their 2Gen work, by sharing evidence-based research and connecting them with faculty whose expertise supports this work. Interested in partnering with Cornell Project 2Gen?

Below we highlight a few of these recent activities.

Zachary German and Frances Robinson, MPA graduate students presenting Project 2Gen CIPA Capstone project.

Zachary German and Frances Robinson, MPA graduate students presenting Project 2Gen CIPA Capstone project.

2Gen Parent Education In-Service at Cornell University

Sharon Glick (center) with Rachel Dunifon (left) and Laura Tach (right) at a CCE poster event

Sharon Glick (center) with Rachel Dunifon (left) and Laura Tach (right) at a CCE poster event


Project 2Gen Scholar Sharon Glick surveyed executive directors across New York State in order to document existing 2Gen initiatives within Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE). The results highlight areas of strength and opportunities for growth: 

  • CCE has served almost 95,000 families in the past 2 years. Many counties identified strong partnerships with other key community organizations, including schools. All together, the CUCE-NYC reported 750 community partners!
  • Common challenges for families were also reported across many CCE sites, including drug and opioid abuse, mental health issues, transportation, and poverty.
  • One third of CCE sites have undertaken 2Gen work and are ready for more.  Half of the sites don’t know much about 2Gen but are curious to learn more! 

CCE Summer 2017 2Gen Survey Results

In July 2017, Cornell Project 2Gen developed a survey for Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) to learn about programs and services that support parents and children across New York State. Over 30 offices responded with important insights, patterns and unique challenges which New York counties are facing as they work to support their families and communities. Below, please find some of the takeaways from the survey responses:

  • CCE services over 94,000 families
  • Children and families receive supports in a variety of ways with a focus on youth development, nutrition, parenting skills, early childcare and education, and financial management
  • 30 percent of CCEs have undertaken 2Gen Initiatives and are ready to implement more
  • Partnerships with other CCE offices, human services, social services, youth bureaus, BOCES, and many local and state nonprofits further the work that support families
  • Strengths of CCE work includes: strong leadership, evaluation systems, wrap-around services, partnerships
  • Areas of improvement include: breaking siloed programming, access to resources, recruitment and retention, poor economies with few employment options

Evaluating Innovative 2Gen Programming

Project 2Gen is collaborating with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, with funding from Engaged Cornell, to assist with the evaluation of the Strengthening Families Program. This program supports parents and children together who have been identified as needing extra support through the Tompkins County Family Treatment Courts. Strengthening Families takes a two-generation approach by including the whole family in weekly meetings, offering programming for parents and children separately, followed by full-group sessions.

Technical Assistance for My Brother’s Keeper Ithaca

Project 2Gen is working with My Brother’s Keeper Ithaca (MBKI) to provide technical assistance in developing a public-facing data dashboard that compiles critical statistics on young men and women of color in the Greater Ithaca area. This dashboard has been a goal of MBKI to serve as a tool for practitioners and policymakers interested in supporting youth.

Work with us!

We are seeking to support CCE 2Gen Pilot Counties!

We’re looking to support Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county offices in their 2Gen projects. Selected counties will receive technical assistance and potentially resource support to build out your 2Gen programs. If your office and county would like to be considered, please click here to learn more or email