Project 2Gen supports faculty seeking to use a 2Gen research approach that both benefits their own academic work and informs policy and practice. We facilitate faculty connections with relevant community partners and provide outlets for sharing research with policymakers and practitioners both locally and nationally.

Lisa Gennetian speaking at the Cornell Project 2Gen Inaugural Event

Lisa Gennetian speaking at the Cornell Project 2Gen Inaugural Event

This framework offers a lot to think about in context of both supporting the parents and their efforts to improve their economic mobility as well as in supporting their children’s development.
— Lisa Gennetian, New York University

Cornell Project 2Gen Research Fellows

The 2017-2018 grantees, who are doing innovative two-generation research across New York State.


Marianella Casasola
Human Development

Creating Family Learning Partnerships to Promote Early Learning
Investigates how parents understand their role in their children’s cognitive development. Creates, implements, and evaluates parent-training workshops via existing community partnerships to enhance the role of parents in their children’s cognitive development.

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Maria Fitzpatrick
Policy Analysis & Management

The Opioid Epidemic and Child Maltreatment: Two Generations at Risk
Investigates whether the opioid epidemic has caused an increase in child maltreatment in rural communities nationally and in upstate NY. Also investigates whether rates of drug-related maltreatment decline following introduction of initiatives that reduce the availability of opioids or provide drug treatment services.
Project team: Elizabeth Day & Laura Tach, Bronfenbrenner Center

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Matthew Hall
Policy Analysis & Management

Left Behind: Deportations, Child Welfare, and Foster Care Placements
Assesses the link between the deportation of immigrant parents and their children’s exposure to the child welfare system using administrative data combined with the adoption of local policies that enabled deportation.
Project team: Frank Edwards, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

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Anna Haskins

School Engagement & Avoidance among Criminal Justice-Involved Families with School-Aged Children
Explores why parental engagement in schools declines following the incarceration of a parent using qualitative interviews with criminal-justice involved families, teachers, and school administrators in upstate NY counties. Seeks to understand how parents experience their children’s schools as surveilling institutions, and how teachers/administrators interact with criminal-justice-involved families.

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John Sipple
Development Sociology

Capacity for Two-Generation Care in Rural Communities: Implications of Educational Policy and Community Characteristics on Head Start Program Trends
Examines the effects of NYS state-funded pre-K rollout on Head Start enrollment and how this rollout has been experienced across different communities, particularly in rural communities. Learn more here.
Project team: Lisa McCabe & Hope Castro, Bronfenbrenner Center

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Maureen Waller
Policy Analysis & Management

Child Support Debt and Father-Child Relationships
Examines how child support arrears policies affect fathers’ debt burdens and involvement with their children. Combines quantitative analysis of state child support enforcement systems and national survey data with qualitative interviews with NY fathers to explain how child support policy shapes father involvement.

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